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Why is your baby less intelligent than you?

Why is your baby less intelligent than you? These are the questions and concerns of many mothers? Wanting children to be good, intelligent and equal with their peers is what mothers care about. But for some reason, your child is slower than his classmates. Let’s go with Nutritionist Nanifood to find the answer right away. Why is your baby less intelligent than you? Your child does not seem to be as quick and slow as his classmates. You feel worried for the development of both body and mind of the baby. When you see that your baby is slower than your classmates, have you found enough ways to tolerate the baby’s body, the purpose of helping the baby develop more and be more intelligent? But why does that fortification not bring about the effect that the fathers and mothers want? The cause may be because the choice of food for the baby is not reasonable and varied. Micronutrients are extremely important components affecting the development and health of babies. Micronutrient deficiencies are also known as “hidden hunger” that we normally do not realize. Many micronutrients cannot be synthesized by themselves from drinking milk or taking supplements. The combination of micronutrients is created from daily eating. Many studies show that daily eating habits and food use in Vietnamese families are the main cause of micronutrient deficiencies, etc. Vitamin A, Iron, iodine, … are the main micronutrients, important for the development of the body and brain. And in Vietnam, this situation is taking place seriously, the shortage of these micronutrients. This appears to be a threat to the baby’s development and health. Consequences of micronutrient deficiency in children Lack of micronutrients causes very heavy consequences for the comprehensive development of children, future generations of society. Reduced academic performance – lack of concentration. Iron deficiency causes anemia this is something many people know. But iron deficiency also affects mobility in young children. Lack of concentration in study. Increases the risk of infection… Iodine deficiency makes children less intelligent, causing dullness. Malnutrition, goiter…………… For more health-related articles, visit:



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