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Why is Foot Reflexology in needed and what are its benefits.

Welcome to Blue Sea Thai Spa in Satellite, our aim is to care your body health and makes you relaxing by our massage therapy. Massage therapy is necessary to all people who are facing health problem and stress. Because it is the natural and effective way to balance our body. So we introduce about foot reflexology massage:


Foot Reflexology is practiced for centuries. It involves applying pressure on different point of foot.According to Chinese Medicine the points in our body part can control our stress and improve our health.

It starts with apply argon oil or coconut on foot and then our therapist applying pressure on foot points which are:

  • The top of toes is Head or brain
  • The middle of toes are Face and sinuses
  • The Bottom of toes are Teeth, gums, and jaw
  • Base of the pinky toe is Neck
  • Outer lateral which is side of the foot are Arms, elbows, knees, and legs
  • Outer medial side of the foot are Neck, brain stem, thymus, spine, bladder
  • Lateral side of ankle is Lower back
  • The medial side of the ankle is Lymph glands, fallopian tubes, groin
  • Middle of the top of the foot are Lungs, chest, breasts, waistline ,upper back,


The benefit key of this therapy is increase blood flow in your body which reduce stress and making you relax. This massage improves your eyestrain. One of reflex point in foot which is connects to our stomach. So it helps to increase digestion. It is also help to out form migraine and headache and improve sleep quality and this therapy is good for maintain your body health.


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