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Who can do Data Science Course?

Many people think that to do Data Science we need to be excellent in studies and should have degree certificate but the basic eligibility criteria to do Data Science course is after 12th standard includes basic knowledge of Maths, computer science, and statistics. The Data Science course eligibility for students who are looking for opportunities for Diploma in Data Science includes a BE/B.Tech/MCA/MSc degree with core subjects being statistics, cs, programming. Those who are interested in Data Science like MSSC/M.Tech/MCA/BE/BTech/BSc/BCA degree from equivalent recognized university.
Those who are interested and eagerly waiting for an opportunity to step into IT field from Non-IT can also do this course and apart from them with degree from with a basic knowledge on computer programming can also do this course to into IT field for a promising career.

Career in Data Science Over the last 10 years, the job vacancies for data science and its related roles have grown significantly around the world.
In US 11.5 million jobs will be available at the end of 2026, as per US bureau of labor statistics.
The average salary of a data scientist in the US is $100,560 per annum and in India, it’s 698,412 Rupees per annum. It is the highest salary paying job of 21st century.
How Data Science is a Good Career Choice?
Data Science is a promising career with full of opportunities with multiple fields. The field of Data Science has grown very wide in a very short time as companies have realized the need of collecting data for evaluation to analyze everything and to collect that bulk data from different platforms like websites, devices, social media platforms and other resources. All the collected data will be used by Data Scientists use their analytical skills to evaluate data and extract valuable and needed information that allows a company to take better decisions by avoiding risk factors to improve their growth by increasing their study on the older data to not to repeat any mistakes and to make better decisions.
Data Scientists are responsible for collecting, cleansing, modifying and analyzing data into meaningful insights. When they starts career they works as a statistician or data analyst after gaining experience they can be promoted as a Data Scientist. According to (BLS) Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs for Data Scientists are expected to increase 15% by 2020

Salary Packages in AI and Data Science with Python
The Average salary for Data Scientists is Rs.6,98,000 a Data Scientist with less than one year of experience can expects to make around Rs 5,00,000 annually from entry level between 1 to 4 years.
The below denominated are the packages based on the roles it will be differed from company to company based on the candidates skill sets.
Data Scientist-10 to 17 LPA
Data Engineer-5 to 12 LPA
Data Analyst-4 to 6 LPA
Computer Vision Engineer-4 to 5 LPA
ML Engineer-3 to 5 LPA
Research Scientist-6 to 9 LPA
Computer Scientist-6 to 8 LPA
AI Engineer-4 to 6 LPA
Data Architect-3.5 to 6 LPA
Algorithm Engineer-8 to 16 LPA



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