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Posted May 12, 2019 at 1:14 pm by noisebarrier

Transparent Sound Barrier Resolves Noise and Visual Pollution

A transparent sound barrier ensures the motorist a good view of countryside.
TSB-1: Clear polycarbonate barrier combined with aluminum frames blocks road traffic noise.

Transparent sound barrier Transparent sound barrier has been increasingly demanded by highways, railways, overpasses and bridges which cross populated urban areas. This clear sound wall has been proven an optimum alternative for solving visibility and noise abatement problems. Unlike metal or masonry blocks sound wall, clear sound barrier will not break the continuity of scenic landscapes while blocking traffic noises.

Transparent sound barriers are purely reflective acoustic barrier and always cooperate with sound absorbing elements. There are two glass-like sound barrier – acrylic and polycarbonate. Various thicknesses and sizes can be manufactured.

Note: For glass sound barrier, bird protection designs are also needed because bird can’t distinct the clear barrier during flying.

Your benefits of choosing transparent sound barriers:

  • Increase road safety 
    Light-transmitting property allows sunlight through and prevents shadows being cast onto the roadway.
  • Long life expectancy 
    Both excellent resistance to all weathers and strength to damage from hail, wind and storm contribute long service life. It can be used throughout many years in harsh outdoor environment.
  • Adding extra view to landscapes. 
    In contrast with non-transparent sound barrier, clear barrier is an impressive and charming element to cement buildings.
  • No visual pollution but giving an opening for light and views. 
    Clarity allows for enjoying beautiful views along the way or bridge.
  • Easy installation. 
    Adaptable to any ground-mounted noise barrier system.
  • Win-win solution of sound pollution and visibility. 
    Significantly reducing installation time and project cost.
 Acrylic sound barrier installed along a highway which crosses the residential area.
TSB-2: Acrylic sound wall is often found along railway, highway, overpass and bridge.

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