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Trane 5 Ton 18 SEER2 V/S Electric HVAC System [with Install]

Trane’s 5 Ton 18 SEER 54000 BTU Split System Variable Speed Electric Communicating System can be an efficient heating and air conditioning solution for your home and office. This V/S Electric Communicating HVAC system has 3 major Heating and Air Conditioning components –

(1) Trane 5 Ton 18 SEER2 XL17i 60000 BTUh V/S Communicating AC Condenser 4TTV8X60A1000, (2) Trane 5 Ton 60000 BTUh M Series V/S Communicating Air Handler TEM8B0C60V51D & (3) Trane 15 kW (10.8–14.4 kW) 36900-49200 BTUh Single-Phase Electric Heater BAYHTR1517BRK w/ Breaker.


Specialty of Trane 5 Ton 18 SEER 54000 BTU V/S Electric Communicating System

1.       Trane TrueComfort™

This 5 Ton HVAC system runs at a consistent speed ensuring your indoor comfort is guaranteed. This HVAC unit offers variable fan speed thanks to the V/S compressor, outdoor and indoor fan. And that’s why the unit can speed up or slow down gradually in little increments of 1/10 of one percent to make sure you experience the home comfort within 1/2° of the thermostat setting.

2.       ComfortLink II Communicating Capability

To match you to the communicating indoor units, the HVAC unit is equipped with ComfortLink™ II Communicating Technology. This technology allows you to connect all your Heating and Air Conditioning components automatically. Also, it calibrated or configures the HVAC system for optimal efficiency throughout its lifespan.

3.       Efficient in Performance

With the 18 SEER rating, this 5 Ton Variable Speed Electric Communicating system is capable of automatically adjusting itself to provide consistent airflow to avoid any temperature swings.

4.       Durable Built

This 5 Ton Communicating Electric HVAC system has been rigorously tried and tested to make sure it holds even in extreme situations.

5.       Fresh, Clean & Healthy Air

You can add Trane CleanEffects™ to your HVAC system which will ensure you get fresh, clean and healthy air in your home.

6.       Quiet In Operation

When in operation, this 5 Ton Electric HVAC unit works extremely silently despite being able to handle a load of heating and air conditioning. It only creates less than 4dB noise when it is operating.

Trane 5 Ton 18 SEER Electric Communicating System

Nominal Capacity 5 Ton
SEER Rating 18 SEER
EER Rating 12.7 EER
Capacity 54000 BTU
AC Condenser unit Trane 4TTV8060A1000B
Air Handler unit Trane TEM8A0C60V51DB
Electric Heat Strip Trane BAYHTR1523BRKA



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