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As you know India is an agricultural country, agriculture is the backbone of India’s economy. The present time is the time of new technology, farmers in the country are putting their full force in developing the field of agriculture by using new technologies in the field of agriculture. Agriculture is now being digitally done in India. The reason for all this is the rapid spread of agricultural information, news and services. In the time of digital technology, the farmer helpline is also supporting the farmers in the country with their full strength to develop the field of agriculture by shoulder to shoulder with the farmers.


Kisaan Helpline is a portal where farmers get complete information about agriculture and agriculture related business. Information about products, machinery, research, etc. related to agriculture is provided in this portal. Detailed information about various policies, schemes, agricultural loans, market value of agricultural products, animal husbandry, fisheries, horticulture, loans and loans, sericulture, etc. are given here.


The main objective of creating Kisan Helpline portal is to provide all the information related to agriculture, agricultural news, information, crop related, government policy and planning, and agriculture related services etc. to the farmers of the country in a smooth and correct manner. Through this portal, an attempt has been made to provide a comprehensive, pure, reliable and single point source of information about India and its various aspects. And the farmer helpline disseminates the complete information and news to the farmers about the new technology of agriculture, new agricultural machinery, organic farming, animal husbandry, weather, government schemes and subsidy etc. To be strengthened and empowered.


The Kisan Helpline portal is ready to serve the country, society and farmers through self-understanding, new technology. Kisaan Helpline – Agri Marketplace | Sustainable Agriculture in India @



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