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Thai Translation Service

Thai Translation Service & Private Sightseeing Tours Service


Warm greetings from CNX Translation!


We would like to offer Translation, Proofreading and Typing to translation agencies and direct clients & we provide private sightseeing tours service around Thailand.


We offers top quality from;

Translation from English > Thai: 0.06 USD per source word. (Minimum Charge 20 USD.)
Translation from Thai > English
: 0.07 USD per source word. (Minimum Charge 20 USD.)
(English > Thai) 0.03 USD per source word, (Minimum Charge 20 USD.)
(This can vary depending on factors such as nature of text, deadline, availability and long-term relationship).
30 USD/Hour (Minimum Charge 30 USD)
Other languages on upon request


We are ready to provide you with the most accurate translation and our services include a complete quality assurance process in the service area:

Advertising & Marketing, Business, Commercial, Healthcare Science, Public Relations, Manuals, Questionnaires/Survey, Certificates, General texts and General Sciences Areas. 


Special Offer for Private Letter Translation [Thai From and To English Only]

We designed translation vouchers for you to connect with your loved ones at more competitive rates. Three vouchers are available:

(1) $60 (1,000 words) valid within 3 months.

(2) $120 (2,100 words) valid within 6 months.

(3) $260 (4,400 words) valid within one year.

No minimum charge.

It’s time to start saving!


We welcome the opportunity to serve you and put our expertise to work for you.


For additional information on language services, please contact: Ms. On-anong Thepduang

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