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Take Hot Potli Massage and get rid from pain and stress.

Why to choose hot potli massage therapy ?


Blue Sea Thai Spa in Nikol provides you best massage therapy. Which is help you to maintain your body physically as well as mentally. In the race of today’s life everybody is busy in daily work and this all pressure makes you stressed and tired. So we are offers you to get out from your stress and make you relaxing by our massage therapy. One of them is:


Hot Potli massage – This is an old aged ayurvedic massage therapy. In this massage we use Pouch (potli) which is full of herbs. “As we know herbs are natural and it is safe to use and herbs are having lot of benefits”. The Herbs in potli :-

Ashwagandha relaxing your tensed muscle, relief form stress and help to good sleeping.

 Mustard and Neem – It remove toxin from your body.

Turmeric and ginger – This revitalize and purify your body and fight with skin problems.

Rosemary and rice – This improve your blood circulation and get relief from tensed muscle.

Onion and aloe vera – It reduce inflammation, swelling and also nourish skin and body and improve tone.

This potli contain powder and Dipped into the hot ayurvedic oil and then massage on affective area where you feel pain and then gently massage on your body and make you pain free. This is more effective for osteoarthritis and spondylitis. This therapy is not only pain reliever but also make you get out from stress, improve immunity, promote happy hormones, improve blood circulation and also helpful in migraine.



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