Posted September 12, 2023 at 3:37 pm by roy.elam20

Take Head and Shoulder massage and say bye to Tension.

Have you ever heard about head and shoulder massage? Do you know how it is so beneficial for you? As we know there many types of massage therapy for relax but head and shoulder massage is special for those who are facing neck and back pain problem due to regular sitting work or any work.


What happen in Head and Shoulder Massage.


This massage is specially targets your upper body parts such as head, neck, shoulder and upper back. Before start this massage our therapist will use oil to reduce friction and warp up your muscles with gentle massage. Now they will gradually increases pressure and start giving massage on your shoulder with thumb and palm then on your neck with palm and fingers and after this they will massage on your upper back with flowing strokes and in the end our therapist will give you special scalp or head massage.


How it is beneficial to you?


Head and shoulder massage reduce your upper body muscles tension and which help you to reliving in back pain and neck pain. This will makes you feel relaxed and calm. It is also beneficial for headache and migraine. This improves blood flow in your head and helps to reduce hair fall and make your hair root strong.


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