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Stock Market Online Courses | MONEYWEISS

Moneyweiss is dedicated to provide quality education to students and ready them for practicle approach of financial challenges in jobs or real life.

Moneyweiss specialized courses are:
✅ Stock Market for Begginers (Learn the basics before entering)
✅ Derivative Trading (Future & Options Trading, concept and strategies)
✅ Art of Value Investing (Learn to value a company for taking an informed decision of investment)
✅ Technical Analysis (Wonder of technical analysis and become expert in predicting stock trends)
✅ Financial Modeling (Financial modeling is not excel, it concept applied via excel)
✅ Equity Research (Learn Equity in debt and become an expert in equity analysis)

How did we achieve our success?
• We formed a team of industry professionals for training, guiding and designing the course for industry training.
• Strict quality controls were imposed on the course content to deliver the best in industry training.

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Moneyweiss Team

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