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Posted April 4, 2019 at 3:13 am by oramurphy

Steps to Install Canon Wireless Printer

Make sure that your printer is obstructed in and turned on. If your printer needs associate degree LAN association to access the net, you will conjointly ought to use associate degree coaxial cable to plug the printer into your router.

Check to ascertain if your printer has installation computer code. If your printer came with a CD, likelihood is that that you will ought to insert the CD into your pc and permit the installation program to run before you’ll be able to originated the printer.

  • This is unlikely for contemporary printers; however, some older printers need CD installation before you’ll be able to hook up with them.
  • To install via CD, merely insert the CD into your computer’s CD receptacle, then follow the on-screen directions. For a Mac, you will need associate degree external CD reader to perform this step.


Connect your printer to the net. this can usually carries with it victimization the printer’s LCD panel to pick a wireless network and enter the watchword.

  • Check your printer’s manual to ascertain specific directions on connecting your printer model to the net.
  • You will realize a web version of your printer’s manual on Canon’s web site by clicking SUPPORT, choosing MANUALS within the menu, clicking Printers, and finding your printer’s model range.


Make sure that your pc is on constant network as your printer. For your wireless printer to receive commands from your pc, each your pc and your printer should be connected to constant Wi-Fi network.

  • If your printer is connected to a distinct Wi-Fi network than your pc, amendment your computer’s Wi-Fi network before continuing.


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