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This basically defines the concepts of Inventory, Demand and Sourcing. Regardless of whether you are using R/3, ECC, or HANA, the Materials Master (MM in ECC) still has the same data elements that need to be populated. S4 is just the next generation of the same ERP elements with HANA being the cloud based tool to manage the data and feed it to business modules. Embedded within this tool are similar gui interfaces with better graphics and reporting capabilities.



1.       Inventory Management and Physical Inventory

2.       Valuation and Account Assignment

3.       Configuration of Purchasing

4.       Configuration of Master Data and Enterprise Structure

5.       Invoice Verification

6.       Sources of Supply

7.       Document Release Procedure

8.       Purchasing Optimization

9.       Source Determination

10.   Procurement Analytics

11.   Consumption-Based Planning

12.   Enterprise Structure and Master Data

13.   Specific Procurement Processes

14.   Basic Procurement Processes

15.   Advance Return Management (Especially Vendor return)

16.   SAP S/4HANA User Experience


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