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Play Group School in Ramamurthy Nagar

Simha Kidsden is the best playgroup school in Ramamurthy Nagar. We believe that a combination of playful activities, social interaction builds a strong foundation for lifelong learning. We recognize that play is children’s language. Through targeted play, children develop cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills. Playgroup schools emphasize sociability. Children learn to interact with peers, exchange ideas, and communicate effectively. Our small class sizes allow for personal attention and promote a sense of community and friendship. We encourage artistic expression and creativity through activities such as drawing, painting, music, and movement. Our facility is designed with your child’s safety in mind, and our caring staff provides a warm and safe atmosphere for all children. Regular communication, parent-teacher conferences, and participation in school activities are encouraged to build a collaborative learning community.

Daily Activities For Kids:
*Art and playtime
*Nap time
*Creative Activities
*Montessori activity

Contact Us:
Phone Number:+91 63646 06908
Address:16/17, 5th cross, Akshaya Nagar, RM Nagar, Bangalore-560016

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