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Old 5cladba 5cl adbb noids Precursors powder kit Cas 43120-28-1 strong (linn.tech888@gmail.com)

(Because the contact information is updated from time to time, please get my latest contact information by email)

Email–linn.tech888@gmail.com (Normal)
linn-karryenter@outlook.com (Backup contact info)
Threema–CVVMNBV7 (Normal)

Whatsapp–+1 3235778048 (Normal) → https://wa.me/13235778048
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【About 5cl adbb and noids】
CAS 43120-28-1 main raw materials
This is the main product of this technology

【Our advantage】
1-warehouse service
-Stailing to the door (arrived in 12-15 days)
-Suge with warehouse
(1) Australia, Sydney, Melbourne
(2) Vancouver, Canada, Memphis, USA (no inventory for the time being)
(3) Poland, the Netherlands
2-High-quality chemicals
3-Technical support (organic chemistry)
4-Provide you with professional analysis services (protect you from having fake and dilution chemicals)
5-Chemical laboratory equipment

(Various hot -selling pure chemical reagents for new materials, industrial fields and research institutions)

【Please contact me for detailed technical guidance】
The example of Technology support
①the main raw materials 1kg
②DMF(68-12-2) 2.5-3.2kg
③K2CO3(584-08-7) 700g
④5-Bromo-1-pentene(1119-51-3) 514g
Add ingredients ①②and ③ to the bottle and stir. Heat to 60-70 degrees.
Slowly add 4, react for 2-3 hours, and cool to room temperature.
1. The reaction is stirred and slowly added to the ice water. The resulting powder is the finished product. (The finished product is 1.2 kg dry or 1.5kg to 2kg for non-dried products)

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