Posted October 31, 2019 at 4:04 am by BennyJackson

Machines require for insulation process

Insulating your house is very important, apart from its basic insulating advantages it saves up to 600$ per year. The cost of insulating process depends on the type of insulation you choose. The most common and efficient method of insulation is cellulose insulation which requires cellulose insulation blower

The next most popular method is fiberglass insulation which is done using fiberglass insulation machine. They both have their advantages like cellulose has higher R-value than fiberglass making it more insulative while fiberglass poses no fire hazards. The other difference they have are-

  • Cellulose is more eco-friendly than fiberglass.
  • Cellulose uses cheap insulation material compared to fiberglass.
  • Fiberglass can be installed from different installation styles.
  • Fiberglass does not promote mildew or mold growth.



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