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Hot Potli therapy “the best way to get rid of pain and stress”.

Do you want to reduce you pain and stress?


Welcome to blue Sea Thai Spa in Satellite. We are providing the best spa service in Satellite. As we know that the spa therapy is need to all which are willing to stress free and get rid of pain. Here we offers you a spa service which is perfect for you.


Hot Potli Therapy:


It is a traditional Ayurvedic technique that involves the use of heated herbal pouches for massage. The “potli” refers to a small cloth bag filled variety of healing herbs.During this massage therapy, the therapist gently massages on the affected area or on body by using these heated herbal pouches. The pouches are typically dipped in warm herbal oils before being applied to the skin. Our therapist uses a combination of pressing, kneading, and rolling motions to deliver the therapeutic benefits of the herbs and heat.


This massage having too many benefits as it is an ayurvedic and old aged massage and this massage haven’t any side effects even it is most beneficial massage. In this massage the gentle pressure applied to relive tension and you feel real aroma of ayurvedic which help to calming you and get out from stress. The heat from the herbal pouches dilates the blood vessels, increasing blood circulation to the massaged areas and heals the injured or pain area rapidly. The Herbal are containing detoxifying property which helps to purify your body naturally. Hot potli therapy provides relief from muscular aches, pains, chronic pain, stiffness, reduce inflammation and improve mobility.


So don’t wait for relaxing and get out from pain. Just call us and book a Spa. We provide Luxurious spa Service in Satellite. For more information visit:

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