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HEN India – Her Entrepreneurial Network | Business Leaders

 HEN India: Her Entrepreneurial Network is a networking community for

women entrepreneurs to inspire, inform, and support each other in the journey of creating successful businesses along with balanced lives.

Learn from the experience of top business leaders in India. Our team is composed of genuinely gifted minds. Our advisors celebrate our victories, ride through storms with us, and show us how the path can unfold.


We work on four levels of networking:

  1. Networking with peers
  2. Networking with Mentors and Experts
  3. Networking with Products
  4. Networking for New Markets


In the world of algorithms, hashtags, and followers, we believe in the importance of human connections. We would love to hear from you!


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 Address: – TZED. Whitefield. Bangalore 560066, Karnataka, India

Phone: – 8197813839

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