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GOLD HUNTER SMART the best gold and iron detector

With the imaging sensing system and two-dimensional imaging technology to search for precious and non-precious metals such as buried archaeological gold – gold nuggets – gold veins – meteorites – silver – zircon – bronze – cobalt -coltan – mercury – copper – iron.
Gold Hunter Smart which works with four different search systems:
1-The system of searching for precious and non-precious metals: such as buried antique gold – raw gold – veins of gold – meteorites – silver – zircon – bronze – cobalt – coltan – mercury – copper – iron.
2- The system of searching for underground caves, voids and ancient tombs.
3- Underground diamond search system.
4- A two-dimensional imaging system to determine the depth and analyze the search results.
Super speed in capturing targets and locating them accurately, ease of use, light in weight.
The search depth of the Gold Hunter Smart device reaches 50 meters in the ground and the forward range is 3000 meters.
The device works in six languages, which are: German – English – French – Spanish – Italian – Arabic.
The Gold Hunter Smart device is one of the best German manufactures. It has the European CE certificate according to international specifications, in addition to the international ISO 9001 certificate according to international specifications and standards.
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