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gold and precious treasures detector DEEP SEEKER

gold and precious treasures detector DEEP SEEKER
A complete 5 search systems station in one device specialized in the detection of underground gold, treasures, ancient antiquities, voids, caves, and tombs.
Experience the ultimate in underground detection with the DEEP SEEKER DETECTOR.
Its front range covers an impressive 3000 square meters and can detect up to 40 meters underground.
1- Long-range detection system
2- Ionic fields detection search system
3- 3D imaging detection search system
4- Voids and caves detection search system
5- Magnetometer detection search system
The front range of the device is 3000 meter square and the depth is 40 meters underground.
The device works in six languages:
(German – English – French – Italian – Spanish – Arabic)
DEEP SEEKER is one of the best German industries, it has the European CE certificate in addition to the international ISO 9001; both certificates apply and conform to the international manufacturing standards and requirements.
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