Posted November 19, 2021 at 10:25 pm by ggirhr

GGIRHR, Clinical Andrology Course Available Here

GGIRHR intends to create a renaissance in training Andrologists. GGIRHR is well prepared to provide the best-in-class training to Andrology technicians to prepare them for the challenges of infertility treatment. Students at GGIRHR can learn the tips, tricks, processes, protocols and treatment approaches followed at GarbhaGudi IVF Centres, which has given such unbelievable success rates. Training will be by senior faculty who are well versed with Andrology procedures & techniques. Teaching staff at GGIRHR have deep knowledge. They have busy practices & so the knowledge that they share will be practical and gets implemented immediately. Students are deputed to the different branches of GarbhaGudi, thereby allowing them to work with multiple senior doctors. It gives them a chance to see different approaches of high performing doctors with no crowding around one patient with limited visibility to what is happening. Students get exposure to a variety of cases and know how to plan treatment for the couples. This varied and vast exposure enables students to extend their knowledge and obtain ready for an independent practice later.


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