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Posted July 20, 2023 at 11:45 am by sundirect

Get Voice Controllable Wifi Hybrid Infrared Heater – Hybrid-Pro

WiFi Hybrid Infrared Heater – Hybrid-Pro » series is a hybrid design infrared panel heater, it has a combination of infrared heating and convection heating, which ensures a quick heating up time as well as bigger wattage density. Our innovative Convection boost design inside of the panel makes Sundirect infrared have around 35% higher convection rate compared to the normal hybrid infrared heaters in the market. Since it can be heated up quickly so it’s also an ideal solution for applications that require quick heating.

Hybrid-Pro has a built-in Wifi control box on the backside of the panel which allows you to do a manual temperature setting on the box, while with “Sundirect Smart” APP, you are able to operate your Sundirect infrared heater in a smarter way, such as turning on/off your panel remotely, setting up the timer as well as the 7days program and so on.



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