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Symptoms of eating disorder -
Posted October 18, 2023 at 12:28 pm by rachnaydv

Eating Disorder – Symptoms, Causes, Types or Reasons

Inappropriate food connections are the hallmark of eating disorders, which are significant mental illnesses. Extreme calorie restriction characterizes anorexia nervosa, binge-purge cycles characterize bulimia nervosa, and tremendous food consumption in a short period of time is binge-eating disorder. Preoccupation with physical appearance, inaccurate self-perception, and excessive anxiety about gaining weight are typical eating disorder symptoms. Significant physical and psychological side effects of these illnesses include malnutrition, cardiac and intestinal difficulties, depression, and anxiety. For dealing with eating disorders and reducing their serious health effects, early intervention and professional treatment are essential. For more learn or get details, visit our blog.




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