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Do you know about Gurudas Shenoy and his contributions to the society?

Brought into the world in 1965 in the little beachfront town of Udupi in Karnataka, gurudas shenoy is an acclaimed craftsman with a vocation traversing more than thirty years. Having been brought into the world by senior craftsman G.S. Shenoy, he invested a lot into artistry since he conceived and fostered energy for the shades of nature at an early age. He has held various independent displays and taken part in 200+ gathering shows at driving craftsmanship exhibitions in India, including a few at the Jehangir Workmanship Exhibition in Mumbai. Known for his theoretical and dynamic cityscapes, Gurudas Shenoy moved on from the Workforce of Expressive Arts, M.S. College, Baroda, in 1988 and is famous for his relationship with Gallerie Nvya.


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