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Posted July 4, 2021 at 5:25 pm by caluaniemuelearchemical

Caluanie Muelear oxidize for sale

We have high-quality caluanie available for sale . Calaunie is one of the rarest chemicals of the moment, sougth out by many factories where it is used as a stain removal chemical . caluanie is also used for crushing metals with ease and for the fefinement of the precious stones .

All order must be placed online . we will not meet up with any first-time customer anymore . we meet up with only old customers . we offer the purest and oraginal quality of caluanie for sale . nonethles . if you doubt the product you can order a smaller quantity to the test for yourself we do not offer any free samples nor matter how small it is anymore and we do not do any more videos becaouse of what that is going on in the internet brokers come and ask for videos when we provide them with videos the next day you see all the videos and pictures on the internet say they have calaunie for sale .

My best payment method is by Bitcoin or wire transfer i can also take or .

Prices can also be negotiated in various bulk quantities . serious buyers only . I will not attend to unserious contacts .if you are out of the united states contact me through my email or whatsapp .


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1) liters for $1200

5) liters for $5300

20) liters for $20, 000

50) liters for $40, 000

100) liters for $80, 000

1000) liters for $1, 000, 000

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