Posted January 15, 2024 at 6:25 pm by STJGroup

Buy commercial properties in Mohali Citi Centre Aerocity

Mohali Citi Centre-1, a groundbreaking venture by STJ Group, sets the standard for commercial real estate in Aerocity. Acquired the land in 2018 and completed construction by September 2020, it stands as the fastest-delivered project in the Tricity. This 3-sided open marvel spans 7 Acres, offering a prime location in Aerocity with the largest surface parking.


With 100% occupancy, Mohali Citi Centre is a premium commercial real estate project boasting 59 SCOs and 81 double-height mini showrooms. The innovative design caters to evolving business needs, providing extensive opportunities for growth. Purchase SCO‘s spaces in Mohali to embrace a customer-centric approach and redefine modern business practices.


The strategic north-east facing SCOs and well-connected airport proximity ensure high visibility and footfall. Additionally, the introduction of double-height showrooms spaces in mohali in sizes like 14*42, 15*42, 15.11*42, and 16.3*48.9 amplifies the project’s uniqueness. Mohali Citi Centre-1 pioneers this concept along the Airport road, offering businesses spacious and visually captivating environments. Elevate your business by investing in Mohali Citi Centre-1, where innovation meets success.

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