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Posted May 9, 2024 at 10:49 am by vswaterproofing

Best Waterproofing Contractors in Bangalore

VS Waterproofing is a company that specializes in providing waterproofing services for Terrace, Bathroom, Basement, and Wall seepage in Bangalore. Our focus is on quality, innovation, and sustainability, and we offer a comprehensive range of products and services tailored to meet the demands of the construction industry. Our waterproofing chemicals are designed to provide long lasting protection against leaks, seepage, and moisture ingress, particularly for roofs and structures. We understand the importance of protecting buildings from water damage, and with our expertise and state-of-the-art products, we ensure that your building remains dry and structurally sound for years to come. Our team of highly skilled and experienced waterproofing contractors is based in Bangalore, and our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has earned us a reputation as one of the best waterproofing companies in the area. Whether you’re a homeowner, builder, or developer, we are here to help you with all your waterproofing needs.

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Address: No. 14, Webster Road, Cox Town, Bangalore – 560 005
Cell: +91 9845027027

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