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Best Spa Therapy service to refresh mind and body.

Are you suffers from body pain, frozen shoulder, spondylitis? As we know that ayurveda is best therapy or treatment for any problems. At Blue Sea Thai Spa in Sargasaan , we offers you an old aged ayurvedic therapy. In which our professional use pouch (potli) which is filled of herbs.


Potli contains:

Ashwagandha – Relax tensed muscles, relief form stress and improve sleep quality.

Mustard and Neem – It helps to detox your skin and body.

Turmeric and ginger – This revitalize and purify your body.

Rosemary and rice – It help to improve blood circulation and get relief from tensed muscle.

Onion and aloe vera – It reduce inflammation , swelling  and also nourish skin and body. 


The potli dipped in hot water or in ayurvedic oil, and herbal powder and after dipping it is ready to massage on affected area and on body with gentle pressure. Which is help you to get relief from body pain, joint pain and Its more effective for osteoarthritis and spondylitis.

This massage makes you feel refreshed and stress less.

It detox you body make your skin glowing


What are you think just book an appointment. We offers you best therapy at Blue Sea Thai Spa in Sargasaan. We have professional and experienced staff and we have variety of therapy which make you feel refreshing, stress free and pain relief you makes your decision right. For more information visit

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