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Best Doctor for Fever in Saharsa – Dr A M EHSAN, MBBS, FCR, DDM

Dr. A. M. Ehsan, MBBS, FCR, DDM is renowned as the best doctor for fever in Saharsa. With a wealth of experience and expertise, Dr. Ehsan has earned a stellar reputation for accurate diagnoses and effective treatments. His qualifications, including MBBS, FCR, and DDM, reflect his commitment to excellence. Patients trust Dr. Ehsan for his compassionate care and personalized approach. If you’re seeking exceptional medical assistance for fever in Saharsa, Dr. A. M. Ehsan is the ideal choice.
1) – Prashant cinema road, near PNB ATM, saharsa.
2)- Tiwari tola road, near Gramin Bandhan bank.
Call Today – 8002456464 , 8002456565



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