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Posted November 19, 2021 at 10:31 pm by jeevaniyam123


Jeevaniyam is one of the best ayurveda hospital in Kerala for children dealing with Autism. At Jeevaniyam, we manage autism with a unique blend of Ayurveda and the globally accepted integrated therapies like Sensory Integration Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Behavioural TherapyOccupational TherapyIndividualized Education ProgramsMusic Therapy and others as needed.  


We follow the treatment procedures and therapies based on a unique AGASTYA PROTOCOL, which is a research work done at Ayurveda college Kottakkal under the ministry of Ayush.


We provide you with the best advice and solutions to make your child live a normal lifestyle and live in harmony. Our professional qualities with state of the art facilities make your children feel secure at any stage of their lives and also make sure you feel Jeevaniyam is the best place for them.


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Phone:  +91 996 151 8687 / +91 996 129 8312

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