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Best Affordable Spa Service in Nikol.

Are you stressed ? want to escape your daily anxiety ?  At Blue Sea Thai Spa in Nikol you can enjoy our wonderful therapy and get refreshed and get relief from pain and muscle tension.


In the stone massage we use smooth and hot stones. This are the made of basalt.

This stones are placed on your spine, face, stomach , toes , palm , chest. With special technique, in  long strokes , circular movement , vibrating. And by our experts.

Heat has long been used for relief in pain so It reduce the muscle tension and pain. By increase blood circulation.

This massage claims and rejuvenate your body and the natural way to reduce stress and anxiety and good for mental health.

It relaxing you body and escape your stress and pain helps to give you relaxation sleep.


We must need to maintain our mental health. Because our whole body is controlled by our mind so if we are more relaxed and clam. It can boost your immunity by the improving blood circulation in your body.


Overall your body health is depanding upon your mind so get relief from stress and come to our spa at Nikol for the experience of therapy by our professionals and improve your mood and know what your body really want. We have reasonable price. And best rooms and you will experience best.

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