Posted October 16, 2023 at 4:28 pm by Invertis

BCA University: Nurturing Tech Talents at Invertis

As a renowned BCA University, Invertis University is a breeding ground for young IT talent. Invertis offers a thorough and revolutionary BCA program with an uncompromising dedication to excellence in computer applications. At Invertis, students thrive in a cutting-edge, tech-driven atmosphere supported by an excellent faculty. The emphasis of the curriculum is on software development, programming, and the application of computer science ideas in real-world situations. Graduates from Invertis University will be well-equipped to succeed in the rapidly changing digital market because of the University’s extensive industry links, internship programs, and research possibilities. Choose Invertis to unlock your technological potential and chart the road for a rewarding career developing software. Your path to technological brilliance starts at Invertis University.

Address: Invertis Village,Bareilly-Lucknow National Highway, NH-24, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh 243123

Phone:  +915812460442, +915813501350, +915812460443, +915812460454


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