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Posted July 4, 2021 at 6:04 pm by sonampte

28 Days PTE Study Plan

PTE study strategies can be developed according to your scoring requirement in the Pearson exam. Different strategies can be used to get the desired result in the PTE Exam. Here are some of the PTE study plan strategies that we can use to get the desired marks for the students:
28 days PTE study plan:
[] The 28 days session comprises of 20 days of PTE class and practice.
[] Daily you have to take one task type and prepare on it as per your requirement.
[] PTE has 20 task types, so each day you should try to at least study about one task type and practice upon on the same to get the desired result in the PTE Exam.
PTE Study plan can be customized but it is important that once you make it, you should follow it.

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