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Best Certified risk management professional courses in Delhi – Netrika

The RIMS-Certified Risk Management Professional (RIMS-CRMP) credential validates a risk professional’s performance ability, technical knowledge, and commitment to quality. The certification represents the minimum level of education, experience, and ethics required by the discipline. The RIMS-CRMP assists risk professionals in improving their work for the organization by detecting and mitigating enterprise-wide risks strategically. If want

Best Forensic due diligence services in India @ Netrika

In general, forensic due diligence seeks to address the following issues: The veracity of the reported financial figures. The existence and history of key suppliers, employees, and customers. Problems involving the promoters or key management personnel. When it comes to making a significant investment or making an acquisition, forensic due diligence enables organizations to analyze

Best Security risk management training – Netrika

Netrika Consulting provides Security Consultancy and Risk Management services to their clients in order to provide a safe and secure environment for their people, property, and profits. We also provide Security risk management training. Our team includes former police and army officers, chartered accountants, MBAs, forensic experts, and consulting industry experts. For more details visit

Secure supply chain certification @ Netrika Consulting India

The Corporate Security Management Program Series includes four specialized verticals: SUPPLY CHAIN & TRANSPORTATION SECURITY MANAGEMENT. The Enhances Series consists of two Certificate training programs that cover various components and aspects of supply chain security. The program’s goal is to give participants a thorough understanding of end-to-end supply chain security practices that they can incorporate