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Best HR software in Bangalore

Sumopayroll has an embracing smart cloud-based payroll solution to manage all the HR Management & Employee Payroll needs. Using it will lead to an increase in productivity and also efficiency in work.

Sumopayroll direct deposit | Make your life easier today

SumoPayroll provides a safe and secure form of “Bank Direct Deposit”. Usually, it is very difficult to pay for each and every employee manually. By using SumoPayroll’s ease of payment format the employee’s salaries can be made without any trouble. Contact number: 9121009566 Business email:

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Sumopayroll is a leading cloud – based HR and Payroll Software with best technology. We say goodbye to paper documentation in the workplace. The bigger the organisation, the complications of the HR functional capability magnifies. On time and rigorous employee payroll are vital to successfully run a business.SumoPayroll Core Features:1.Attendance integration2.Employee self service3.IT savings declaration4.eTDS