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Unwanted Hair Treatment in Hyderabad at Magna Centre

Having excessive body hair? Avail of the benefits of unwanted hair treatment in Hyderabad at the leading facility, Magna Centre. To get proper treatment, the condition requires a thorough evaluation by an expert endocrinologist after diagnosis. Oral contraceptive pills (OCP) and spironolactone are recommended for treating hirsutism. If hirsutism is a major concern, patients should

Magna Centre- Hirsutism Treatment in Hyderabad

Are unwanted facial or body hairs causing you distress? Hirsutism treatment in Hyderabad can be the most effective treatment provided by the best endocrinologist in the town at Magna Centre. In order to correct the aesthetically damaging situation, endocrinologists work in detail to correct the root cause of hirsutism, i.e., hormonal imbalance. Doctors may also