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Move Management tool, Space management module, Data module tool

To track the overall assets movement and reduce moveable cost is the key role of Move Management module. Move management is a significant way to track and reduce move costs and deliver better service to the organization. Therefore, make the work turns into excellence.

Space management module, Data module tool, Space forecasting tool

To forecast the space usage and helps in maintaining the work according to it is the key role of Space management software. Space management software plays an important role to manage and classify space data by type, use, and allocation. It is also called as data module tool which helps in mining the data with

FM: Mobile software, Mobility tool, Data module tool, Space management module

In securing the access, update and report on your facilities data in the field with a mobile device and helps in data mining is the key role of FM: Mobile software. These key features help to make the workflow better and best to achieve the organizational goal.