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Cap Nuts Exporters in India

DIC is a Cap Nuts Exporters in India, which is used to protect and prevent the stripping of screws and bolts so they can be easily removed and reused. If an application requires a smooth finish or exposed threads to be covered, cap nuts are the best solution for this.

Cap Nuts Supplier in India

DIC Fasteners is a Cap Nuts Supplier in India that is frequently used as a decorative finishing touch to hide protruding studs or threaded bolts. Cap nuts are the ideal choice when a smooth finish or the covering of exposed threads is required. Acorn nuts come in sizes ranging from 4-40 to 1″-8 thread size.  

Cap Nuts

DIC Fasteners is a Manufacturer of Cap Nuts, typically used as a decorative finish to cover up with studs or threaded bolts that are sticking out. These nuts prevent the stripping of screws and bolts on engines, machinery, and wood frames.

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