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Dementia Treatment in Delhi

Dementia is group of brain disorders and conditions, neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s is one common cause of dementia, this disease usually affect the elderly people. Diseases like HIV , thyroid or infection also contribute to dementia, there is currently no cure available for dementia but you can get treatment of its symptoms , when conditions

Brain stroke treatment in Delhi

Brain stroke has become the top leading cause of deaths in India, one of the most common brain stroke is acute brain stroke which happen in 90% of cases, in many cases it leads to death and permanent disability like paralysis. You should not ignore the symptoms of brain stroke, severe headache and numbness in

Best Neurologist in Delhi

Get consultation for neurological disorders and conditions from one of the top most neurologists in Delhi Dr. Mukesh Kumar, he has been treating many patient with fatal conditions like brain stroke and other all neurological disorders from past 18 years.  Dr. Mukesh is Parkinson’s specialist he has treated more than 1000 patient of Parkinson’s till