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Dr.Sudha Sinha, MD

Dr. Sudha Sinha is one of the best medical oncologists with an overall experience of more than 13 years. She is an Assistant professor and Head of Medical Oncology department. During his over three decades of practice, she has earned the recognition of an expert surgical oncologist who performs surgeries for tumours of the breast,

Dr.Deepak Koppaka

Dr. Deepak Koppaka is an accomplished and skilled doctor in the field of Medical Oncology. He is a consultant Medical Oncologist at Care Hospitals, HyderabadA Prospective Study to Determine the Clinical Characteristics and Response to Treatment in Double Expressor DLBCL among All DLBCL Patients in a Tertiary Care Hospital in South India. Kidwai Cancer Institute.Is

Dr.A.M.V.R. Narendra

Prof.Dr.Anukonda Moti Venkata Raja Narendra is one of the finest clinical hematologists with extensive experience of over 20 years in the field of Hemato-Oncology. He is a professor and senior consultant at the American Oncology Institute, Hyderabad.Specializes in Breast cancer and oncoplastic surgery, Upper G.I. Onco surgery, Pancreatic Biliary surgery, Thoracic surgery including Esophagus cancer,

Dr.Vipin Goel

DR. Vipin Goel is a competent surgeon in the field of surgical oncology with exceptional academic excellence. He is a senior consultant and laparoscopic surgeon in Department of Surgical Oncology at Care Hospitals, Hyderabad.Specialties including Head and neck cancers (Except skull base surgery), GI- and Gyne-oncology cancers, genitourinary cancers worked as consultant and laparoscopic surgeon