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Dallas County Appraisal Review Board

Dallas County’s ARB plays a critical role in reviewing and correcting the tax roll initially generated by Dallas County Appraisal District. Every county in Texas has an appraisal review board. Enroll in the Midland county appraisal and reduce your property taxes. Reach us @

Dallas county tax protest | Best property tax consulting firm

Dallas county tax protest appeal every property every year! Enroll in the property tax protection program offered by the best property tax consulting firm. Reach us @

Dallas County Protests with Written ARB Determination

You can protest based on market value and unequal appraisal. There is no cost to file a property tax protest and the ARB cannot raise your value at the hearing. Reach us @

Dallas CAD property tax savings!

Get to know the Total Dallas CAD Property Tax Savings By Property Type with O’Connor tax reduction experts. Visit to know more!